Premium TS shampoo is an OTC product with the effect of preventing hair loss and thickening hair. It enables healthy hair with the ingredients of Biotin, Dexpanthenol, Nicotinic Acid Amide and Pyrithione Zinc Solution. It contains 24 kinds of botanical-derived extracts such as Houttuynia Cordata, Perilla Frutescens Leaf, Green Tea, Ginseng and Cnidium Officinale Root, as well as 7 kinds of ingredients that provide a healthy scalp environment such as Keratin, Arginine and Methionine.

Usual Price


Biggest Hit Product in Korea

- Anti-Hair Loss community, talmo.com, invincible Shampoo brand

- Shampoo used by CEO of talmo.com

- Authorized non-medical product by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 
  (Anti-Hair Loss, Increase of hair thickness)

- GS Home Shopping, 50 million dollars  in sales

- 4 active ingredients and natural ingredients such as houttuynia
  cordata, perilla frutescens, etc

- Free of parabens, artificial coloring, artificial fragrances and silicone

- Introduced by various media such as MBC, KBS, SBS Radio
  and Joongang Ilbo

- Awarded Forbes Korea 2015 Best Brand Prize by Joongang Ilbo

- Selected as Korea Good Enterprise by Sports Chosun in 2015

- Selected as Hit Product of the Year by Digital Chosun Ilbo in 2015

- Expensive ingredients used such as Biotin, Nicotinamide,
  Dexphantenol, Pyrithione Zinc Solution

- Exports to USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc

- Displayed in Shilla , Lotte ,and Sweetmay(HongKong,Macau)      
  Duty-Free outlets

Hair loss prevention

Ingredients to help prevent hair loss

Active ingredients help prevent hair loss:

dexpanthenol, zinc pyrithione liquid and nicotinamide

Growth in
hair thickness

Permitted quasi-drug by the KFDA (in Korea)

Approved Premium TS Shampoo as a quasi-drug for hair loss prevention and growth in hair thickness!

Hair Care

Have lively-looking hair

Premium TS Shampoo that leaves your hair looking shiny and lively

Main Ingredients of TS Shampoo

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  • ingredient-crop-u3776


  • ingredient-crop-u3774


  • ingredient-crop-u3780

    Zinc pyrithione liquid

  • ingredient-crop-u3788

    Copper peptide

  • ingredient-crop-u3782

    Egg yolk lecithin

  • ingredient-crop-u3784


  • ingredient-crop-u3786


  • ingredient-crop-u3802

    Sophora root

  • ingredient-crop-u3834


  • ingredient-crop-u3838


  • ingredient-crop-u3800


  • ingredients-crop-u19290

    Salvia miltiorrhiza

  • ingredient-crop-u3840


  • ingredient-crop-u3778

    Angelica root

  • ingredient-crop-u3806


  • ingredient-crop-u3798

    Green Tea

  • ingredients-crop-u19203

    Pleuropterus multiflorus

  • ingredient-crop-u3794

    Houttuynia cordata

  • ingredient-crop-u3796

    Perilla ocymoides

  • ingredient-crop-u3804


  • ingredient-crop-u3836

    Portulaca oleracea

  • ingredient-crop-u3836

    Chinese pepper

  • ingredient-crop-u3816

    Centella asiatica

  • ingredients-crop-u19759

    Ginko leaf

The Proper Way to Use TS Shampoo

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    Completely wet your hair and scalp with warm water

    Ensure that you thoroughly wet your hair and scalp with warm water when shampooing. Before shampooing, it is best to make your hair neat or comb in the direction of the top of the head. First, add an adequate amount of a dollar/pound coin-size onto your palm, rub, then apply on your hair.

  • use-crop-u6691


    Shampoo by thoroughly lathering and massaging

    Add the proper amount (a dollar/pound coin-size) of shampoo to your palm, rub, then apply to fully wet hair with lukewarm water and lather by rubbing several times.

  • use-crop-u6705


    Using the shampoo, give your scalp a deep massage with your fingertips

    Slowly massage into your scalp with your fingertips for 3-5 minutes but refrain from irritating it from excessive lathering.

  • use-crop-u6719


    Rinse the foam off well

    Rinse completely with lukewarm water after massaging from 3-5 minutes. Some people do not rinse completely as they believe that the active ingredients have been washed off. However, please be advised that active ingredients have already been absorbed by this step.

  • use-crop-u6733


    Lastly, dab lightly with cold water

    Rinse with cold water to close the pores after rinsing with lukewarm water. Through this, hair roots become healthier and the hair will be more nourished.

  • use-crop-u6747


    Air-dry your hair

    Dry slowly by dabbing the hair with a towel when drying. Avoid pulling, brushing off and rubbing hard. Use cool wind when using a blow dryer.