For carefree using, silicon has been excluded which can be bad for the scalp.

4 kinds of natural oils (shea butter, camellia oil, argan oil and castor oil), 18 kinds of vegetable extracts (such as aloe, ginseng, grapefruit and etc) and main componenets provide nutrients to rough hair and coat the hair to make silky and glossy hair with 10 kinds of protein ingredients.

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Advantages of Premium TS conditioner

- Containing natural vegetable oilwith hair protection effect:
  shea butter, castor oil, argan oil, camellia oil

- Free silicon

- Containing protein components (Major componenets of hair)

- Vegetable extract and natural oil

- No stickness but freshness and replief

- Aroma of natural oils

Features of Premium TS Conditioner


4 natural oil - good for hair!

Abundant usage of castor oil, argan oil, shea butter, camellia oil!

kinds of natural oils, which are well-loved for the effect of moisturizing, protection and coating, cover split end and dry hair.


Free of silicon!

Premium TS conditioner does not contain silicon.

For carefree using, silicon that can be strain for the scalp has been excluded resolutely.


Conditioner which are made with 18 natural extracts

Abundant usage of castor oil, argan oil, shea butter, camellia oil

Basically different conditioner which contains extracts of Oat, Cnidium, Sophora root, Grapefruit, Purslane (Portulaca oleraces, Centella asiatica, ginko leaf, Red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza), Aloe vera, Angelica root, Mugwort, Yeast, Fish mint (Houttuynia cordata), Tuber fleeceflower (Pleuropterus multiflorus), Chinese pepper, Ginseng, Pea and Chinese liquorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)


Enhancing hair gloss and providing nutrients to hair

10 kinds of protein components (such as keration, cysteine and silk amino acid) bring health and elasticity to dry and rough hair by enhancing gloss and providing nutrients to hair.


Volume care

Thin, dry and weak hair gets volume by oil and moisture coating.



Oil and protein components and vegetable extracts make hair smooth and elastic and keep shine for long without stickiness.


Hair balances of oil and moisture

Premium TS conditioner helps to maintain moist and elastic hair by jeeping your hair balance between oil and hair.

Components of Premium TS Conditioner


4 kinds of natural oil

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    Castor oil

  • oil-crop-u5728

    Argan tree kernel oil

  • oil-crop-u5735

    Shea butter

  • oil-crop-u5742

    Camellia oil

From ancient time, ancestors use camellia oil for their glossy hair. Camellia oil brings beautiful hair by adding gloss to hair nad giving health to scalp. Shea butter, which is extracted from Karite tree in Africa, has been loved by many people as oil helping to protect dry skin and the hair. Also, argan oil and castor oil are representative oil that have been used as raw materials of many cosmetics and skin products and are aften used state of 100% pure oil directly.


10 kinds of protein components! (Major components of hair)

Protein is the major component of hair. Premium TS conditioner contains silk amino acid, cysteine, methionine, lysine, tryptophan, keratin, wheat protein, bean protein, corn protein, and arginine. These 10 kinds of protein components coat dry hair and split end.


18 kinds of extracts and auxiliary ingredients

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  • ingredients-crop-u5808


  • ingredients-crop-u5815

    Sophora root

  • ingredients-crop-u5829


  • ingredients-crop-u5843


  • ingredients-crop-u5850

    Centella asiatica

  • ingredients-crop-u5864

    Ginko leaf

  • ingredients-crop-u5878

    Red sage

  • ingredients-crop-u5892

    Aloe vera

  • ingredients-crop-u5899

    Angelica root

  • ingredients-crop-u5913


  • ingredients-crop-u5927


  • ingredients-crop-u5934

    Fish mint

  • ingredients-crop-u5948

    Tuber fleeceflower

  • ingredients-crop-u5955

    Chinese pepper

  • ingredients-crop-u5969


  • ingredients-crop-u5976


  • ingredients-crop-u5990

    Chinese liquorice


3 kinds of natural essential oil

  • oil-crop-u5997

    Bergamot Oil

  • oil-crop-u6091

    Laveder Oil

  • oil-crop-u6105

    Orange Peel Oil

You can enjoy delicate and exclusive scent of Premium TS conditioner which is made of natural essential oil of bergamot, lavender and orange peel.

How To Use Premium TS Conditioner

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    After shampoo, give your hair massage with adequate amount of the conditioner.

    Apply the conditioner evenly with massaging damaged hair.

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    Rinse off well with lukewarm water after 2~3 minute massage.

    Rinse completely from the scalp. Only a minute massage shuld be OK.

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    Air-dry your hair.

    Dry slowly by dabbing the hair with a towel when dying. Avoid pulling, brushing off and rubbing hair. Use cool wind when using a blow dryer