Special Package - Premium TS Bundle

Shampoo 500ml + Conditioner 500ml

Usual Price S$131.90


Premium TS shampoo is an OTC product with the effect of preventing hair loss and thickening hair. It enables healthy hair with the ingredients of Biotin, Dexpanthenol, Nicotinic Acid Amide and Pyrithione Zinc Solution. It contains 24 kinds of botanical-derived extracts such as Houttuynia Cordata, Perilla Frutescens Leaf, Green Tea, Ginseng and Cnidium Officinale Root, as well as 7 kinds of ingredients that provide a healthy scalp environment such as Keratin, Arginine and Methionine.

Biggest Hit Product in Korea

- Anti-Hair Loss community, talmo.com, invincible Shampoo brand

- Shampoo used by CEO of talmo.com

- Authorized non-medical product by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety   (Anti-Hair Loss, Increase of hair thickness)

- GS Home Shopping, 50 million dollars  in sales

- 4 active ingredients and natural ingredients such as houttuynia cordata, perilla frutescens, etc

- Free of parabens, artificial coloring, artificial fragrances and silicone

- Introduced by various media such as MBC, KBS, SBS Radio   and Joongang Ilbo

- Awarded Forbes Korea 2015 Best Brand Prize by Joongang Ilbo

- Selected as Korea Good Enterprise by Sports Chosun in 2015

- Selected as Hit Product of the Year by Digital Chosun Ilbo in 2015

- Expensive ingredients used such as Biotin, Nicotinamide,   Dexphantenol Pyrithione Zinc Solution

- Exports to USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc

- Displayed in Shilla , Lotte ,and Sweetmay(HongKong,Macau)   Duty-Free outlets


For carefree using, silicon has been excluded which can be bad for the scalp.

4 kinds of natural oils (shea butter, camellia oil, argan oil and castor oil), 18 kinds of vegetable extracts (such as aloe, ginseng, grapefruit and etc) and main componenets provide nutrients to rough hair and coat the hair to make silky and glossy hair with 10 kinds of protein ingredients.

Advantages of Premium TS conditioner

- Containing natural vegetable oilwith hair protection effect: shea butter, castor oil, argan oil, camellia oil

- Free silicon

- Containing protein components (Major componenets of hair)

- Vegetable extract and natural oil

- No stickness but freshness and replief

- Aroma of natural oils