Natural Shampoo by TSShampoo for your Damaged Hair

The leading shampoo to prevent hair loss that was originally developed for Talmo CEO's exclusive use

Abundant usage of valuable ingredients!

Abundant usage of valuable ingredients!

4 Main ingredients


About 15 ingredients of natural origin including
houttuynia cordata, perilla ocymoides, and more


with 4 kinds of proteins such as Keratin and Arginine

Hair loss prevention

Ingredients to help prevent hair loss

Active ingredients help prevent hair loss:

dexpanthenol, zinc pyrithione liquid and nicotinamide

Growth in
hair thickness

Permitted quasi-drug by the KFDA (in Korea)

Approved Premium TS Shampoo as a quasi-drug for hair loss prevention and growth in hair thickness!

Hair Care

Have lively-looking hair

Premium TS Shampoo that leaves your hair looking shiny and lively